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Agents 2 Users 5 Users >10 Users
Email Support 8x5 8x5 24x7
WhatsApp Support
Conversations / Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Care channels 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited messages****
Facebook Messenger
WhatsApp API
Facebook Leads
VOIP Calls Unlimited
Web form
Unlimited conversations
Bot Training
Question Form
Unlimited Opportunities
Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Tasks
Integration with Dialogflow
Integration with Facebook Post
Integration with Facebook Ads
Integration with Zendesk
WhatsApp API Mailchimp
Web hook integration
Integration with Zoho CRM
Integration with MercadoLibre
Message Report
Opportunities Report
Agent Report
Detailed Agent Report
Whatsapp number homologation Additional cost Additional cost Additional cost
Template Creation
Mass sending of reminders
Additional Advantages
Access to Android APP
Access to iOS APP
Discount 15% annual payment

Prices By Country

Whatsapp Plans - Peru

Price for Homologation of WhatsApp number (Single payment): $50.00 USD

Service Price (in dollars)
Transaction Price

* Los mensajes de entrada y salida son ilimitados. El precio a continuación obedece a Conversaciones entrantes y salientes según los precios oficiales de WhatsApp Business API.

Price Conversation Started by Company
$0.063 USD
Price User Started Conversation
$0.021 USD

VOIP Plans - Peru

Service Price (in dollars)
VOIP configuration of $90.00 dollars. Single payment.

If you want to know the prices to other countries, please write to

Incoming Minute Price
Outgoing Minute Price
$0.012 USD
$0.014 USD
Monthly payment per monthly number
The telephone numbers for Peru come with two channels for 02 simultaneous calls. If an additional channel is desired.
$10 USD
$15 USD
Per additional channel
$10 USD

SMS Plans - Peru

Service Price (in dollars)
SMS Message Price
$0.054 USD