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We are experts in WhatsApp Marketing and Customer Services solutions

With Plazbot you can improve and automate communication with your clients with WhatsApp strategies, virtual assistants with AI and marketing and remarketing campaigns. Start getting to know your clients!

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We connect with the world's leading technology companies.


We are fully connected to Facebook and WhatsApp for all our tool integrations.


Our artificial intelligence is built on the foundation of Google's Dialogflow conversational tool.


We integrate with the world's largest platforms.

Whatsapp Marketing Automation

With our tool, you can send personalized WhatsApp Marketing campaigns to your customers, filtering contact information by segments, tags, audiences, etc.

  • Measure Your Results

    With each WhatsApp Marketing campaign, you can find out who read your messages and gather other useful information.

  • Use Support Chatbots

    For each campaign, you can configure chatbots to handle customer inquiries and gather information on your behalf.


Build your chatbots easily

Our chatbot creation module is very easy to use and will help you automate conversations with your customers, supporting your agents in customer service.

  • Immediate Responses

    Time is money, and your customers know it. Help them get information immediately.

  • Capture Information

    Let the chatbots work for you, capturing potential customer information, and let your sales team close the deal.


Centralize your customer service channels

Start getting more organized by centralizing all your customer service channels and communication points with your customers. Have a clearer view of everything happening with the contacts coming to your company on a single service screen.

  • Contact Management

    Get to know your customers, assign your agents, and provide them with the best information.

  • Agent Metrics

    Analyze what your agents are doing at all times and how long they take in customer service.


Serve your customers more directly with VOIP

Don't limit your customer service to conversational channels alone; provide a direct experience with our cloud-based telephony system, easy to configure.

  • All in the Cloud

    Forget physical phones; with our technology, make and receive calls from the same platform.

  • Call Recording

    All your agents' calls are recorded so you can control, manage, and improve customer service.


Complete your sales cycle with our CRM

The contacts coming to your company can easily be transformed into customers by managing them with our CRM. Let your process not be limited to customer service but also to closing sales.

  • Close more sales

    Plazbot will not only help you provide better information to your customers but also close more sales with our CRM module..

  • Control your salespeople

    Manage what your salespeople are doing at all times, their appointments, calls, sent emails, etc.


Cloud-based solution for any customer service and sales needs.

With Plazbot, we can transform any sales, marketing, and technology team to streamline both external and internal customer service processes.

Implementing Plazbot is easy.

Our platform is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to implement. It's as simple as:


Sign up for our platform and create your user account.


Set up the customer service channels you will use for your customers.


Measure the results of your transformation and customer service.


Build your virtual assistants in a very simple way.

Success Stories

Implement our service that the world's largest companies already trust

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Our clients support us!

We have the support of clients who have already benefited from our solution and have truly transformed their customer service and sales departments.

testimonial quote

Good afternoon, Plazbot, more than just a quick response chat, has been a tool for us that has allowed us to grow, project, improve efficiency, and optimize processes all in one, in terms of time and cost-effectiveness. This has enabled us to grow and evolve exponentially over time, in terms of sales, revenue, and meeting people's needs at a national level, with monthly increases of up to 35% and 40% in terms of customer service and income, from the very beginning to the present.

Tecnosuper - Kler Ocampo
testimonial quote

They helped us immensely from the beginning to adapt our WhatsApp Marketing strategy. The service and attention are excellent.

Paula Miramón
Communications Manager at OCF International Spain
testimonial quote

Thanks for the attention to suggestions and the efficient technical support management. I have recommended them to several business partners to use their tool.

Ronald Infante
Director of Sequoia Speed
testimonial quote

I have been able to integrate my product dedicated to medical appointment reminders with Plazbot services, all thanks to their professionalism, attention, and support. They are a trusted technological ally that allows me to continue growing in services, products, and customers.

Carlos Andres Trejos
CMO, Solutions Systems SAS, Colombia