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Start getting to know all your customers correctly and learn how to provide them with what they really need.

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CSet up your omnichannel platform in the easiest way with Plazbot and provide your customers with personalized, automated, and AI-driven support.

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Create your customer service channels

With Plazbot, you can differentiate your customer service channels for sales, technical support, customer support, etc.

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Handle your channels

Start providing solutions to your customers' problems with our user-friendly omnichannel platform.

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Discover all the features of our Omnichannel line-shape

Use our online chat for quick Sales closure.

With our quick Sales closure feature, your sales team can enter sale information quickly and easily, including the amount of the closed sale.

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Use labels to assist with contacts.

With our labels, you can easily recognize all your contacts and assign agents for segmentation.

Assign agents to contacts

You can manually or automatically assign agents based on workload to ensure no contact is left unanswered.

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Automated WhatsApp messaging

With our tool, you no longer need to send messages manually. You can configure automatic WhatsApp message flows and forget about this tedious task.

Let your company
work 24/7

With our easy-to-create virtual assistants, you can make your customer service area work 24 hours a day, every day. Easily configure the chatbots and let the platform work for you.

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Yes, our platform simulates WhatsApp's features, allowing you to send voice messages as well as files and images.

Yes, our platform organizes all customer service channels in a single message reception tray, making it easy to find all the contacts you need.

Yes, you can not only export contacts but also manage each contact and have all the information you need for each of them.

Yes, you can view all the messages from the entire conversation history of each contact without any fear of losing information.