Double your sales with our Whatsapp Marketing module

With our Whatsapp Marketing strategy using chatbots, you'll increase sales and foster customer loyalty.

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Why would you choose our platform?

We have experience in technology and Whatsapp sales strategies.


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Use our Whatsapp Marketing to enhance your customer service

You can use our platform for different use cases as you need.

  • Send bulk messages

    CStay in active daily communication with your customers to share company updates.

  • Integrate chatbots

    With bulk messaging, you can integrate AI chatbots to handle the work for you.

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Data updates
  • Satisfaction surveys
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How do we do it? Easily.

We assist and guide you through your implementation process, which consists of the following steps:

work process
  • Step 1

    Number homologation

    We help you set up your number in Whatsapp Business API to avoid SPAM issues.

  • Step 2

    Campaign creation

    Start creating your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to send information to your customers.

  • Step 3

    Chatbot creation

    Let chatbots be your allies, automatically collecting potential customers for you.

  • Step 4

    Increase sales

    The chatbot will help you obtain a filter of qualified leads, and your sales team can close the deals.


Our customers support us

They helped us from the beginning to adapt our Whatsapp Marketing strategy. The service and support are excellent.
Paula Miramón
Communications Manager at OCF International Spain
Thanks for your attention to suggestions and efficient technical support. I've recommended them to several business partners to use their tool.
Ronald Infante
Director of Sequoia Speed
I've been able to integrate my product dedicated to medical appointment reminders with Plazbot's services, all thanks to the professionalism, attention, and support they provide. They are a trusted technological ally that allows me to keep growing in services, products, and customers.
Carlos Andres Trejos
CMO, Solutions Systems SAS, Colombia


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions before implementing VoIP technology to assist you with your customer service channels.

1. What results can I expect after using the platform?

When you start using the platform, you'll see that sending information to customers via Whatsapp results in a high open rate, increasing the chances of a sale. You'll also experience better contact management, knowing not only who's messaging but also being able to assign customers, add tags, identify their country of origin, etc.

2. How do the advisory calls work?

In the call, we'll discuss your needs, what you'd like to achieve with our Whatsapp Marketing strategy with chatbots, how we can assist you without any commitment, and showcase the benefits it can offer.

3. Can multiple team members work with the strategy?

Absolutely, the platform is designed for sending bulk Whatsapp messages and automations, but providing personal assistance to customers and building trust is vital for closing deals.

4. Is it necessary to implement chatbots?

No, if you only want to use the Whatsapp Marketing strategy for automated messaging without chatbots, it's not a requirement. Chatbots can be helpful, but if your business doesn't need them, you can use the Whatsapp Marketing engine alone.